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How to Use Oils

Change the atmosphere of your home

Diffusing is our favorite method of scenting the home. It involves a dish that contains water and between 5-10 drops of oil. A candle gently heats the water and disperses the oil molecules through the air. When using Essential Oils in the diffuser, you can create an atmosphere which produces a desired effect. Lavender oils relax or induce sleep, citrus oils denote a clean environment, mint invigorates, menthols ease respiratory ailments, and vanilla type aromas calm the mind. These are all just the beginning to enjoying a diffuser. As many of the oils are naturally anti-bacterial or anti-viral, burning your diffuser is a way to combat colds and other illnesses. Our Diffuser Aromas and recipe sections are a great place to start. Furthermore, please see our section titled ‘Aromatherapy 101’ for a more in-depth look at the effects of inhalation of Essential Oils.

Room Sprays

As most people already are aware, oil and water do not mix. However, using alcohol will better disperse the oil. Rubbing alcohol will work, but the aroma is generally not appreciated. A better, yet more costly method would be to use the highest proof grain alcohol or denatured alcohol, the latter of which can be more difficult to acquire. Keep sprays away from furniture, and obviously, the eyes.


Has your beautiful and expensive potpourri lost its aroma? Add one tablespoon Orris Root powder to one pound of botanical and 50-100 drops essential oil, shake, and seal for a few days.

Personal Aroma

Wearing oil differs from wearing a perfume or cologne, as they do not contain alcohol. Perfumes are stronger when first applied as the alcohol carries the oil molecules through the air but breakdown quickly. In contrast, oils stay on the skin longer but do not reach past your personal radius. A few drops of oil worked into the hair makes for a wonderful aroma that gently wafts through the air. We offer essential & fragrance oils blended to wear on the skin. As many people are attracted to the scent of Lavender, its chemical constituents make it difficult to wear and does not last past 30 minutes to a hour on the skin. Check out our House Aromas for oils designed specifically for the body.

In the Bath

Lovely aromas added to the bath make for a wonderful experience. 3-5 drops in the water is sufficient, but combining it with other ingredients such as salt or baking soda make for a good soak for aching muscles and tension. Experiment with a combination of aromas to create the perfect mood.


There has never been a more harmonious relationship than between aromatherapy and massage therapy. Essential Oils combined in a carrier oil not only can produce relief from common complaints of aching muscles but can also shift your mood entirely. In a recent study,* a 5% dilution of Lavender oil was applied by massage. Within 5 minutes, linalool and linalyl acetate were detected in the blood stream. Within 20 minutes, it was at its peak level. Within 90 minutes, it was completely gone from the system. Linalool is the sedative component in Lavender and has been synthesized by the pharmaceutical industry for its effect on the central nervous system. Essential Oils + Massage = Fabulous. Not to be outdone, the sensual side of a massage in combination with the right aromatic oils can make for an aphrodisiac. Make sure to always dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil. Please refer to the Safe use of Essential Oils and Dilution ratios.
* Bachbauer 1992


Only use oils of pine, eucalyptus or tea tree as these oils enter the body very effectively through inhalation and exit through sweat pores. Please see any information provided by your manufacturer.

Body Oil

Used like a lotion, body oils add moisture and can be scented to your liking. Light carrier oils such as Macadamia, Kukui and Sesame absorb nicely into the skin without an oily residue. Heavier base oils such as Almond, Apricot and Olive are viscous and add more protection for very dry skin. Jojoba oil is wonderful for all skin types and never leaves an oily residue. Other oils such as Hemp Seed, Vitamin E, Avocado, Evening Primrose and Rosehip can be included for additional moisture for other skin conditions. Please refer to Safe use of Essential Oils and Dilution Ratios.

Face and Body Care

In addition to all that we have listed, there are hundreds of ways to use Essential Oils. Many wonderful books have been published with recipes for lotions, creams and other products to enhance the skin and our environment. Follow recipes carefully.